Today the temperature was only -4˚C


24 May 2007

Today the temperature was only -4˚C

Time seems to be passing very fast on Tara. Winter is almost a distant memory now as the temperature continues to rise and the sea ice transform from winter concrete into summer ‘slush’. Today the temperature was only -4˚C, the warmest we have experienced since last September. At this temperature it was actually too hot this morning for digging snow that had accumulated around Tara overnight!  

All scientific activities are in full swing, yesterday being ‘snow and ice day’. One of the ice experiments is the EM31, an instrument that measures ice thickness by electromagnetic induction along two transects near Tara. Manual drilling along these lines has revealed ice ranging from 0.65m to over 3m in thickness. More about this activity in another log from Sam, who is responsible for undertaking the field work each week.

Over the last few days we have also spent time continuing to recover all of the material associated with the parachute drop last month, including the large parachutes, cord, rope, shackles and strops. The open leads are now too wide for the skidoo, so we have had to undertake this activity ‘a la pulka’. And with less and less free space on the deck, we have constructed a small raft with some empty drums to stock this material on the ice close to Tara.