Tribute to Sir Peter Blake 10 years after his death, by Lady Pippa Blake


6 December 2011

On the 10th anniversary of Sir Peter Blake’s death (December 6, 2001), Tara Expeditions asked several personalities to express their feelings about this dedicated sailor. All through December you will find many testimonials. The series starts with Peter’s wife, Lady Pippa Blake. Then Don Robertson, friend and crew member with Team New Zealand and Seamaster (Tara’s former name).  Alistair Moore, who was trained by Sir Peter Blake during the Blake Expeditions, will also give us his impressions.

On December 5th 2001 I lost a special husband, Sarah-Jane and James lost a wonderful father, his fellow sailors lost a great teammate and New Zealand lost a hero.

Ten years is a decade – a long time within a life time but sometimes it feels as if that fateful day could have happened just weeks ago. Times have been tough and there have been some dark days. However there was no option but to move on with life in a positive way – helped enormously with the support of friends and family around the world.

Amongst special friends I name those involved with Tara Expeditions. When the decision came to sell Seamaster we were determined that she be sold to the right people who could carry on the environmental work of which Peter was becoming so passionate. So when we met Etienne Bourgois, agnès b. and the Tara team everything came together and we knew that we had achieved our goal. I am proud that Tara is crossing the oceans continuing the environmental mission that Peter was launching into. The world’s future relies on such missions to help make a difference and we, the Blake family and the Sir Peter Blake Trust are behind Tara Expeditions all the way.

Lady Pippa Blake