Video: Coral takes us back in time

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14 December 2016

TARA recently arrived in the Samoan islands where sampling protocols continue aboard the schooner. Among the 3 coral species targeted by scientists during this expedition, Portites lobata is of particular interest to Guillaume Iwankow from the CRIOBE in Perpignan. Since Tara’s arrival in the Pacific, he has been in charge of collecting this species via a particular protocol.

 One morning we embarked with him on a motorized dinghy and headed for the outer coral reef. After checking a few sites, Guillaume identified a colony whose size corresponded to the sampling criteria. He had brought along an imposing compressor connected to a curious machine — a core drill. Thanks to its 45-centimeter corer,  he will be able to dig into the center of the Porites to extract valuable information. The operation is carried out in the same way at each study site throughout the expedition.

© Pierre de Parscau /  Tara Expeditions Foundation


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