Video: The giants of Malpelo

© Tara Expeditions Foundation

17 August 2016

Reaching the marine sanctuary of Malpelo Island takes 20 hours of sailing from the coast of Colombia. The Tara team began collecting coral specimens in the Gulf of Panama, and also lent a hand to the Malpelo Foundation in their long-term study of whale sharks and the ecosystem of the area. This was an unusual activity for the crew — attempting to put GPS tags on whale sharks. Not much is known about these giants of the sea, which share the environment with hammerhead and silky sharks. Migration, behavior, reproduction. Will we actually encounter the whale sharks? Meeting with Romain Troublé, director of the Tara Foundation, and Sandra Bessudo, initiator and director of the Malpelo Foundation.



© Yann Chavance – Tara Expeditions Foundation
David Hannan – OceanArkAlliance

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