Winds over 40 knots


12 September 2006

Position: Moored in the Arctic ice pack, 80°07’N, 143°29’E
Wind: 40 knots
Sea Ice: Stable
Visibility: Poor
Cloud Cover: Cloudy, 8/8
Air Temperature: -1°C
Water Temperature: -1°C

The barometer fell through the floor overnight and we are now experiencing our first small Arctic gale. With winds peaking over 40 knots this will not be the biggest storm we experience, however it is the first blow we have had since arriving in the pack ice. Due to the wind the pack ice has started to close in and we now have less open water on our starboard side, the increased pressure giving Tara a very slight list to port side. With the poor conditions we were unable to undertake a CTD sounding today, focusing instead on securing and checking material outside. This together with routine jobs such as collecting ice to melt for water and clearing the deck of ice took up most of the day. Late afternoon we took advantage of the bad weather to have our first Russian lesson with Victor and Gamet. Translating Russian to English and then French will ensure that we are all trilingual by the end of winter.