Brigitte Sabard

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Team onshore

Coordinator of education, French.

Brigitte Sabard has been designing and coordinating Tara Expeditions educational programs and partnerships since 2007. A consultant in environmental education and training methods for over 20 years,  she is also an assistant lecturer at the University of Dijon. As vice-president of the association “Groupe de recherche en écologie arctique,” she has participated for the past 25 years in scientific and environmental missions in Greenland, Siberia, Canada, Alaska, and the Spitsbergen. She co-directs Ecopolaris missions with her companion, researcher Olivier Gilg, and for the past 11 years, their son Vladimir. They co-organized the first Tara “test” mission in 2003 along Greenland’s northeast coast. In between expeditions, speaking engagements, and co-organizing exhibits, Brigitte is dedicated to science education.