[Exhibition] “Reefs” by Nicolas Floc’h at galerie Maubert, Paris

© Nicolas Floc'h / Fondation Tara Expéditions

From February 14 to March 30, 2019

Nicolas Floc’h, artist and professional diver, joined the Tara Pacific expedition between Tokyo (Japan) and Keelung (Taiwan). For the first time in a Parisian gallery, he presents his photographs and sculptures from underwater research carried out over the last 10 years.

The Reefs  exhibition focuses on the issue of habitat, and more specifically on underwater artificial reefs. These structures can be up to 35 meters high and sometimes look like real submerged cities. They provide the fauna and flora with a place to get shelter and thus regenerate the local ecosystem. In his black and white photos Nicolas Floc’h shows us these bizarre, geometrical underwater structures, dark but actually full of life.

Useful information:

Galerie Maubert,
20 rue Saint-Gilles, 75003, Paris

February 14 to March 30, 2019
Tuesday to Saturday, 13 h to 19 h

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