[Exhibition] “Contaminations” by Samuel Bollendorff in Paris

© Samuel Bollendorff / Fondation Tara Océan

January 16 to March 2, 2019

I went around the Earth in 2018. It only takes a few hours since it’s so small and fragile.” In his exhibition Contaminations. After Me, the Flood, photojournalist Samuel Bollendorff takes us traveling via images to the four corners of the planet.

He joined the Tara Pacific expedition in August, 2018 and crossed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as the “Plastic Continent”.  This navigation was an opportunity for him to observe and photograph the plastic samples taken aboard Tara. This report was co-produced by Le Monde and is part of his investigative work for the exhibition, Contaminations: “A world tour of zones contaminated by 21st century man, focusing on the chemical, mining and nuclear industries which leave behind as a legacy for future generations huge soiled swathes of our planet”.

Useful information:

Galerie FAIT & CAUSE
58 rue Quincampoix – 75004, Paris

Wednesday, January 16th to Saturday, March 2nd, 2019
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 13 h 30 to 18 h 30
Free entry

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