Noé Sardet

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Artist, French

Noé has always been interested in art, design, science, and technological innovation. Trained as a communicator, videographer and multimedia designer, he holds a Masters in Art Direction and Multimedia Engineering from the University of Nice, France.  In the past decade he has worked as a graphic artist, multimedia designer, science photographer, and filmmaker, in Paris, New York, San Jose, Montreal and in the south of France, where he was born and raised. Today Noé focuses his output on film production, exploring innovative modes of expression in the context of international science research and art projects. He is an underwater cinematographer and has participated in several expeditions and underwater archaeology campaigns in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Gulf of St Lawrence. His current ventures will take him to the Arctic with a team of oceanographers.

In 2010, Noé founded Parafilms with Sharif Mirshak. Based in Montreal, Parafilms specializes in video production, creating scientific and cultural documentaries, music videos, and film animation. Their award-winning documentary series “The Plankton Chronicles” shows the beauty and diversity of tiny marine organisms. Noé has worked with The National Science Center (CNRS, France), TED Education, CBC, Takuvik Research team (University Laval, Quebec), as well as with many artists, musicians and cultural associations.

Noé teaches courses in Graphic Design and Digital Film to Vermont’s Champlain College students who come to Montreal for a semester abroad. Drawing from his own professional experience, and with the participation of local filmmakers, he instructs students in visual conceptualization, writing, and guides them in learning to use the tools of cinematography, sound recording, and video editing.

Noé is an avid outdoorsman.  He enjoys hiking, diving, and traveling to exotic places. He lives with his companion and their baby-daughter in Montreal, a creative hub that fits his personality and aspirations.