Spencer Lowell

© Y. Chavance/Tara Expéditions

The works of Spencer Lowell pair scientific pragmatism with an unbridled creativeenergy. A native of Southern California, the saturated color stories of sunshinedrenched days, turquoise oceans and infinite cloudless skies are etched into Lowell’saesthetic.

Lowell’s artistic practice mirrors the scientific method.  “The photographic method islike the scientific,” he explains, “because you’re taking notes, forming a hypothesis,bringing samples back to the lab, processing them, drawing conclusions and sharing what you find with people, which is essentially the best part.”Always keeping one eyeopen to the urbanity around him, Lowell’s unflinching camera takes inventory of thatwhich goes unnoticed and points out that beauty thrives when it’s least expected.

Spencer Lowell’s clients include National Geographic Magazine, Time, Wired and manymany more. He was born, raised and happily lives with his wife and son in Los Angeles.