Vincent Hilaire

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Marseille, its harbor, the Calanques, Toulon, Cassis… Vincent Hilaire’s childhood was bathed in Mediterranean light. Swimming, fishing, exploring, sailing his first boat at age 7, and then much bigger sailboats over the years. Saint-Malo is his second home port where his father, the sports writer Yves Hilaire was born and where Vincent encountered the Ocean. Between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, he developed a passion for the documentaries of Cousteau, Tazieff, Zuber, and stories of the great explorers ” Kessel, Conrad, Heyerdahl, London, Hemingway, Saint-Exupéry, Frison-Roche, then later Moitessier, Jean-Louis Etienne…

His other passion is making images as a means of communication, starting with photography. Apredilection for black and white showed up during his university years in Paris, and then an internship with Jean-Loup Sieff perfected his technique.
Combining text and images, he became a photo journalist after joining IFP (the Institut Français de Presse) and gaining experience in print and radio.
Meeting Etienne Bourgois marked the beginning of Vincent Hilaire’s Tara adventure, an extraordinary opportunity to bring together two passions the sea and journalism, his two poles, and at the same time connect to the great tradition of polar expeditions.

Discover his exhibition of 40 black and white pictures and his short film called STRANGE COMMUNITY inspired by the Tara Arctic expedition 2007/2008.