Yoann Lelong

© Yoann Lelong

 “After dropping out of graduate studies in quantum physics, I decided to engage myself in a personal quest to discover who we really are. I very quickly became the object of my experiments. 

My early works (FLEI / HORTE FLEI / I am, I will) were motivated by the desire to escape my mind’s formatted logic and the need to achieve a predefined result. Influenced by the works of John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg and Merce Cunningham, I started working on random experienced emotions and their free expression (Changing Steps, 62 minutes).
Seizing the opportunity to work with Amos Poe and Nicole Nelch, I went to New York to further develop my art through their contact. They introduced me to the works of Bruce Nauman, Stan Brakhage, Maya Deren and Lionel Rogosin.
On my return to France, a woman by chance offered me a camera that had belonged to her father with the idea of giving it a second life. I decided to focus completely on a set of projects & video installations.”

In 2013, Yoann Lelong made the film PERSON(A), 65min. 23 people display a part of their private lives. They drop their masks to become themselves. Each portrait is unique, and yet something connects them. These portraits crisscross each other and eventually merge into an introspective movement.

In 2014, the artist embarked on the Tara Mediterranean expedition between Port Cros and Antibes (France). In 2015, he will be part of the Tara Mediterranean’s collective exhibition at the Tara Base.

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