Listen to “Aileen”, the new song of Maarten Stok, musician aboard Tara

© Noëlie Pansiot / Tara Expeditions Foundation

Maarten Stok was the first musician resident artist aboard Tara. Discover his song, Aileen, about his experience during the Tara Pacific expedition.

Aileen was written in the middle of the Pacific ocean and describes Maarten Stok s’ experience of being aboard the expedition schooner  Tara on which research on climate change and the ocean is being done. His band, Nachtschade, gave it a most vulnerable arrangement and the song was eventually recorded in their own studio.

The song describes a nascent love between the writer and the ocean itself. It contains sounds from far away islands and from wind in the sails of  Tara.

Listen to Aileen!


Check out his band and his solo work.

AILEEN artwork (photo by Eric Rottinger)_1200x1200© Eric Rottinger / Tara Ocean Foundation

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