As long as we don’t forget

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Chronicle by Clémence Lesacq, the laureate of the writing contest Libé-APAJ.

As long as we don’t forget

Monday, October 13 

Tara left Naples this morning. Already 2 days that I’m no longer on board, but I just have to close my eyes to see her departing for Bastia. It’s dawn and I’m watching her gently moving away from the dock and heading out to sea. The 14 members of a new family are all on deck, enjoying the beauty of the moment. On their backs, Tara T-shirts and bright red lifejackets. The film is running. No break in the action.

Nicolas de la Brosse and Matthew Oriot work silently on deck; Samuel Audrain descends into the heat of the machines; Martin Hertau, balancing on the starboard rail of the cockpit, watches the horizon. Already Dominique Limbour, the veritable cook-mom, reflects on the tastes and smells of lunch. As for Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques, with a slightly clumsy gait he walks tirelessly around the schooner, 3 cameras slung around his neck.

I hear the continuous engine noise from Brigitte and Theresa, crackling walkie-talkies, the wind rising off-shore. Further out, the city of Naples is waking up, but the bustle is already a souvenir. The smell of sea spray is everywhere. I still feel the roll of the sea under my legs. It stays with me.

And in my head for 2 days, the same  phrase over and over again, the very apt words of Maria-Luiza Pedrotti when I debarked. “I have the feeling that every time someone leaves Tara, they leave behind a piece of their heart…and that must be why we feel so good on board.”

Yes, Tara takes a little piece of their heart from everyone. Back in Paris, I have a tender thought for all those who left the boat before me. Privileged, we pay our share of happiness with nostalgia.

We remain Tara’s orphans for a long time…as long as we never forget.

Clémence Lesacq

About Clémence Lesacq:

In July 2014, Clémence Lesacq won the Tara prize in a writing contest organized by the newspaper Libération, and the Association for Aid to Young Authors (Libé-APAJ). This year’s theme was “On the road and byways.”

Click here to read her prize-winning text in French, “Dawn of the Journey.” Clémence will voyage aboard Tara for 12 days between Marseilles and Naples, and will regularly send chronicles from the schooner.

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