Elsa Guillaume, winner of the COAL “Oceans” prize

© Elsa Guillaume

On September 17,  the 2015 COAL Art & Environment Prize (Objective COP21) was awarded by a jury of well-known personalities in the fields of contemporary art and ecology  to the artist Alex Hartley for his project “Nowhere.”  The Special COAL Oceans Prize was awarded to Elsa Guillaume for her project “Coral Cosmography”.


For its 6th edition, the COAL Awards called for artists to provide inspiration for the COP21 climate negotiations. 389 artists from 51 countries answered the call. The COAL Art & Environment Prize will be one of the high points of ArtCOP21, the cultural agenda for the 2015 Paris Climate conference. Initiated by COAL in collaboration with Cape Farewell, ArtCOP21 will propose a journey through art, bringing the best cultural initiatives to the COP21, and an agenda of events to demonstrate the central position of creativity in ecological transition and sustainable development.

By participating in the COAL Awards and the cultural Agenda this year, Tara Expeditions marks its desire to collaborate with artists particularly interested in the next expedition in 2016 devoted to the study of coral reefs in the Asian Pacific.

Winner of the Special COAL Oceans Award:
The artist Elsa Guillaume (born in France,1989) will embark aboard Tara for one month  during the Coral expedition (between May 2016 and March 2017) to work on her Coral Cosmography project. This oeuvre will present a new type of marine chart, unusual and poetic, inspired by maps of the 16th century. Elsa’s rich underwater cosmography will include sketches of coral reefs, complex and dense archipelagos and continents, with their communication networks, information collected from the scientific mission, ecological issues, and daily life aboard Tara. Once completed, Coral Cosmography  will cover an entire wall. It will read like a large-scale travel diary, with an artistic approach to environmental issues concerning coral reefs.



JURY 2015

Chaired by Ségolène Royal, Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, the jury was composed of Claude Anthenaise, chief curator of the Museum of Hunting and Nature; agnès b., fashion designer;  Elodie Bernollin, director of communications forTara Expeditions; Philippe Cury, oceanographer; Anne Ged, director of the Parisian Agency for Climate;  and Emma Lavigne, director of the Centre Pompidou Metz.

Information about  ARTCOP21: http://www.artcop21.com

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