Tara Pacific: Artists in Residence

© Yann Chavance / Tara Expeditions Foundation

Six prizewinning artists were recently selected for residencies aboard the research schooner Tara during the current Tara Pacific expedition (2016 – 2018). Visual artists, photographer-video maker, illustrator and musician will share the lives of the sailors and scientists conducting a 2-year study of coral reef biodiversity in the Pacific Ocean. The artists’ works will be exhibited in Paris when the expedition is over at the end of 2018.

Tara, the legendary boat built for extreme conditions, is currently crossing the Pacific on its 11th expedition. Sailing the oceans of the globe since 2003, the schooner serves as a platform for studying the impacts of climate change on the ocean, and also pollution by plastic waste. For the past few years Tara has been welcoming aboard artists-in-residence.


In the tradiction of 19th Century expeditions


With artists’ residencies aboard Tara, the marine environment becomes a place of artistic creation, a meeting of different worlds, all focused on the Ocean. Artists’ residencies are a way to raise the general public’s awareness of the Ocean, its immense treasures, and fragility. “We are continuing the tradition of the legendary 19th century naturalist expeditions, when sailors, scientists and artists set sail together to share the same experience, each with his individual work and mode of expression,” explains Romain Troublé executive director of the Tara Expeditions Foundation.


Six winners of residencies during Tara Pacific


Winners were chosen by a jury chaired by agnès b., and composed of personalities in the domains of art and environment. Projects were selected on artistic merit, originality and feasibility, but also took into consideration the artists’ environmental and educational commitment.

The Tara Expeditions Foundation wishes to thank all the artists who sent in project proposals for residencies during the Tara Pacific expedition (2016-2018).

unnamed© Davina Macario / Tara Expeditions Foundation

Christian Cailleaux, illustrator and cartoonist (France), christian.cailleaux.free.fr
Nicolas Floc’h, artist (France), nicolasfloch.net
Maki Ohkojima, painter (Japan), ohkojima.com
Enrique Ramirez, videographer (Chile), enriqueramirez.net
Noémie Sauve, artist (France), noemiesauve.blogspot.fr
Marteen Emanuel Stok, musician (Netherlands), soundcloud.com



Head of jury : agnès b.

Olivier Antoine, Founder of Galerie Art : Concept
Etienne Bourgois, President of the Tara Expeditions Foundation
Elodie Cazes, Coordinator of the agnès b. art collection
Hervé Chandes, CEO of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art
Jennifer Flay, Artistic Director of FIAC
Lauranne Germond, Co-founder of COAL
Romain Troublé, Executive director of the Tara Expeditions Foundation
Hugo Vitrani, Mediapart writer/critic



In addition to the winners of the call for projects, 2 other artists had been previously selected for residencies:

Camille Henrot, installations, sculpture, drawings and videos (France), camillehenrot.fr
Elsa Guillaume,  artist/illustrator (France), COAL Prize winner 2015, elsaguillaume.com

Elsa is currently on board for a month, filling her notebooks with drawings and watercolors for an underwater mapping project entitled “Coral Cosmography”.




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