“Once Upon a Try”: discover the new digital exhibitions of the Tara Foundation

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Press release – Wednesday, March 6th

Technological innovations, scientific discoveries, behind the scenes research is now accessible to everyone on Google Arts et Culture’s digital and interactive platform. From the Arctic to the Pacific, aboard the schooner Tara, discover the people who have contributed to the considerable progress in understanding the Ocean through stories and testimonies. With this digital project “Once Upon a Try”, the Tara Expeditions Foundation offers a selection of digital contents – videos, photos, 360° – and scientific testimonies that trace three extraordinary expeditions. A digital dive to understand the major discoveries made by Tara and scientists on the role of the Ocean in the future of the planet.

On March 6, 2019, Google Arts & Culture launched Once Upon a Try – the largest online exhibition about inventions and discoveries ever curated. Collections, stories and knowledge from over 110 renowned institutions across 23 countries, including the Tara Expeditions Foundation, are brought together, highlighting millennia of major breakthroughs and the great minds behind them. Three interactive collections of the Tara Expeditions Foundation will allow you to explore the secret world of the oceans alongside the scientists who have studied them aboard the schooner Tara since 2003 to better understand the Ocean of tomorrow: Tara Oceans, discovering the invisible world of the Ocean, Tara Arctic, a unique expedition on the top of the world and Tara Pacific, a unique approach to the biodiversity of coral reefs.

Interactive exhibitions and virtual discover of Tara

Everybody can now explore more than 400 interactive exhibitions that pay tribute to humanity’s greatest leaps in science and technology progress, and the visionaries that shaped our world, as well as tales of epic fails and happy accidents. Once Upon A Try also lets you dive into Street View to tour the sites of great discoveries, from deep underground inside CERN’s Large Hadron Collider to high in the sky onboard the International Space Station. Zoom into more than 200,000 artifacts in high definition, including the first recorded map of the Americas from 1508, and Albert Einstein’s letters, never before published online. With the help of indoor Street View online visitors will be able to virtually discover the scientific schooner, as if they were aboard Tara.

Two new immersive experiences

Google Arts & Culture also invites people to join Tilda Swinton and CERN particle physicists to experience the birth and evolution of the universe in augmented reality – a state-of-the-art use of this new technology. And people can explore NASA’s archive of 127,000 images in a new storytelling tool, powered by Google machine learning.

Invite everyone to participate in the first phase of an online collection that celebrates innovation and science

We invite everyone to participate in the first phase of an online collection that celebrates innovation and science. Through inspiring, and at times surprising, stories from over 100 partners, you can explore the inventions and discoveries that have shaped our world. Once Upon a Try is all about that first attempt, the idea, the journey of fulfilling a dream, and we hope it’ll give people that extra boost to find their very own eureka moment,” said Amit Sood, director of Google Arts & Culture.

Explore the Tara Expeditions Foundation’s digital collections on “Once Upon a Try” and share your reactions with #OnceUponATry ! You can also visit Tara with Street View.

About Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts & Culture puts the collections of more than 1,800 museums at your fingertips. It’s an immersive way to explore art, history and the wonders of the world, from Van Gogh’s bedroom paintings to the women’s rights movement and the Taj Mahal.  The Google Arts & Culture app is free and available online for iOS and Android.  Their team has been an innovation partner for cultural institutions since 2011. They develop technologies that help preserve and share culture and allow curators to create engaging exhibitions online and offline, inside museums.



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