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© N. Sardet/Tara Expéditions.

10 artists from 4 different countries were selected to give their impressions on the expedition 

- Yoann Lelong (video): Embiez to Monaco
- Spencer Lowell (photo and video): Antibes to Cala Gonone
- Carly Steinbrunn (photo): Cala Gonone to Athens
- Lorraine Féline (video): Cala Gonone to Athens
- Emmanuel Régent (drawing and installations): Athens to Tel Aviv
- Christian Revest (painting and engraver): Haifa to Bizerte
- Lola Reboud (photo/video): Bizerte to Marseille
- Katia Kameli (video): Algiers to St Tropez
- Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques (photo): St Tropez to Barcelona
- Malik Nejmi (photo/movie):  Barcelona to Tangier

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Par Spencer Lowell à Cala Gonone (Italie)

By Spencer Lowell in Cala Gonone (Italy)