Six artists nominated for a special COAL “OCEANS” AWARD

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Six artists have been nominated for a special COAL “OCEANS” AWARD in partnership with Tara Expeditions. The winner will be designated by a prestigious jury on September 17 at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. The award consists of a voyage aboard Tara during the Coral mission that will take place in the Pacific Ocean from 2016 to 2018.

Amidst preparations for ArtCOP21, various cultural organizations are grouping together and new collaborations are developing on the relationship between art and ecology. In this spirit, Tara Expeditions and COAL have joined forces to launch a special “Oceans” award in the context of the 2015 COAL Art and Environment Awards, this year centered on climate issues.

This special “Oceans” Award will go to an art project engaged in safeguarding the world’s oceans in light of current climate issues. The winner of this exceptional award will embark aboard the scooner Tara for a month-long residency.


- Hortense Le Calvez (France, born 1988) and Mathieu Goussin (born 1985), Corals 2.0
- Nicolas Floc’h (France, born 1970), Productive Structures
- Jeremy Gobé (France, born 1986), MOSE / Latistellata
- Elsa Guillaume (France, born 1989), Coral Cosmography
- Henrik Håkansson (Sweden, born 1968), The Coral Sea
- Mrugen Rathod (India, born 1982), Untitled


 2015 JURY

- Claude Anthenaise, chief curator, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
- agnès b, stylist.
- Elodie Bernollin, Communication Director at Tara Expéditions
- Philippe Cury, oceanographer
- Anne Ged, director of the Paris Climate Agency
- Emma Lavigne, director of the Centre Pompidou-Metz


The COAL 2015 Awards ceremony will take place in September 17, 2015 at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (Paris) where an installation entitled “A Story of Weather, Food and Revolution” by artist Asa Sonjasdotter (winner of the COAL Award in 2014) will be on display until September 26.


Since 2010, COAL Art and Environment Awards have revealed the wealth of responses offered by artists to current environmental issues: More than 1,500 projects from 70 countries in 6 editions. Each year 10 projects related to environmental issues are selected via an international call to artists.

The winner of the COAL Art and Environment Award receives the sum of € 5,000 and a residency at the Domaine de Belval (owned by the François Sommer Foundation).

In 2015 the COAL Art & Environment Award is dedicated to the theme of climate – to inspire the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) and offer the general public and policy makers ways to understand the complexity of the climate challenge through a wide variety of and creative proposals and visions.

The COAL Art & Environment Award was created by the COAL Association. Since 2008, COAL mobilizes artists and cultural actors on societal and environmental challenges, and contributes to the emergence of a new culture of ecology and nature. COAL is the source of about 20 exhibitions in prestigious venues such as UNESCO, the Domaine de Chamarande, FIAC, Hors des Murs, and the CEAAC. COAL organizes themed art and ecology in France notably through its website <> developed with the Ministry of Ecology.  COAL initiated ArtCOP21, the cultural agenda of the COP21 in collaboration with Cape Farewell. < > <>


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