“Tara by Sound”, an immersive audio tour of the schooner

© Eric Rottinger / Fondation Tara Océan

Tara by Sound was inaugurated during Tara‘s return to Lorient on November 23rd, 2019. A sound box was installed for all to embark on the schooner for 20 minutes.

Best enjoyed with headphones! 

Tara By Sound is a meditative audio tour of the research schooner Tara. A ship is very much an orchestra of sounds; the concept of recording every inch of the ship came about when I first visited the boat in Papua New Guinea (2016). Her many sounds, noises and rhythms overwhelmed me. Though at the time I set myself the goal to write a musical soundtrack for the ship – as presented in my earlier work – a second residence during the summer of 2019 gave me the opportunity to materialize this guided audio tour of the boat. It is very much meant communicate the feeling of living aboard Tara rather than to present an exact documentation. The tour is accompanied by music created by Michiel van Sinderen and myself. In the end we can find a poem, which I wrote on board somewhere close to the Gibraltar strait.” - Maarten Stok, resident artist aboard Tara.

Special shoutout to all those who participated in drawing and sharing their own vision of Tara as well!


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