8 ways to embark aboard Tara from your home

© Pierre de Parscau / Fondation Tara Océan

Ordinarily we like to meet you in person, welcome you aboard the schooner, and share with people of all ages Tara’s major expeditions and discoveries. But the research vessel is at quay in Paris and is now closed to the public. The entire Tara Ocean Foundation team therefore invites you on a virtual voyage, right from your home. Here are 8 ways to experience the exciting adventures of Tara online:

  • 507 days of confinement in the Arctic

A special screening of the documentary “Tara, voyage in the heart of the climate machine”. Share the daily lives of sailors during the Arctic drift when Tara was locked within the ice between 2006 and 2008. For the coming days of coronavirus confinement, we want to  share this extraordinary adventure with you (French only).

tara arcticTara during the Arctic drift in 2006 © Francis Latreille / Fondation Tara Océan

  • A virtual tour of Tara

Come aboard the famous research schooner with this online tour of Tara. Click here for a meditative sound immersion: visit the wheelhouse, mess hall, 2 labs and engine room via “Tara by Sound”, created by musician Marteen Stok, resident aboard Tara in the Pacific Ocean in 2018 (English only).

  • Planktos: A plunge into the plankton’s kingdom

Dive into the world of the infinitely small with our graphic novel Planktos (French only).

  • The crew answers kids’ questions

How do we produce fresh water and electricity on board? Who is the crew of Tara? How do scientists collect samples? Learn more about daily life on board via our short videos.

  • Exhibitions at home

Discover Tara‘s major scientific expeditions, from the Arctic to the Pacific, via our online Google Arts & Culture exhibitions.

  • “Everything (or almost) about coral” with Léa Camilleri

Learn about the life of coral, essential to the good health of the ocean, and the threats confronting the coral ecosystem. A web series of 6 episodes, 5-6 minutes each (French only).

  • Listen! This is Tara… 

For podcast fans—something to keep you occupied in the coming days  (French only).

  • Tara‘s Blue Books

Learn about scientific research, educational outreach and advocacy work of the Tara Ocean Foundation during the last 3 missions. Our three «Blue Books» are available online (the last book about the Microplastics Mission is in French only for now).


Take good care of yourself and your loved ones!
With best wishes for your health and well-being,
The Tara Ocean Foundation team

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