When Tara embarks French high schools abroad

© Sarah Fretwell / Fondation Tara Océan

Global challenges require international responses. For over 10 years the schooner’s ports of call around the world have been privileged moments to invite students from French high schools aboard, and raise their awareness about the Ocean. Today, the Tara Ocean Foundation is strengthening its involvement with teachers in French high schools around the world by signing a partnership agreement with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

An international education network

PG9_3677 A_low def Patrick Gentier - Fondation Tara Ocean - copieSignature of the partnership agreement with the AEFE on board Tara in Paris © Patrick Gentier / Tara Ocean Foundation

Aboard the schooner Tara moored at Pont Alexandre III in Paris, on Wednesday, June 24, Romain Troublé, executive director general of the Foundation, and Olivier Brochet, director of the AEFE, met to sign a partnership agreement for the next four years.

The AEFE, a national public establishment placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, provides public service missions relating to education for French children living outside France, and also contributes to the influence of French language and culture by educating students of other nationalities. The main objective of the AEFE is to serve and promote a school network unique in the world, made up in 2019-2020 of 522 establishments located in 139 countries!

From Tara’s deck to French high school classrooms

It’s quite a symbol to find oneself on the bridge of the schooner! For the past 10 years during Tara‘s stopovers around the world, thousands of young people—including students from French high schools abroad— have come on deck to meet crew members and learn about the environmental issues that concern the Foundation.
So, for more than 10 years the Foundation has naturally developed a partnership with the AEFE, now formalized through this agreement. Hundreds of AEFE teachers have already been working with the Foundation’s Science and Sustainable Development educational tools, which have been made available during live online workshops.

Classes from Qatar, New York, Chile, etc.

3.scolaires-regarChinese high school students aboard Tara during the Tara Pacific mission © Noémie Olive / Tara Ocean Foundation

In 2019-2020, more than 170 high schools will have benefitted from the Foundation’s educational resources. Certain classes participated in the cycle of videoconferences given by researchers, while others, such as the French-Australian high school in Canberra (Australia) made videos on extreme climatic events as part of the « Seeds of scientific reporters » project, co-facilitated by CLEMI (Centre for media and information education), in which 25 high schools around the world were enrolled. Nearly 170 new teachers from 32 different countries worked with their students using Tara resources during this school year.

Towards a wider dissemination of resources

Concretely, this agreement will strengthen the link between the Tara Ocean Foundation and the AEFE. We share the same objectives in Education for Science and Sustainable Development— to inspire young people and stimulate their critical spirit. The convention targets a wider dissemination of the various educational resources and operations offered, but also the training of teachers online, and the organization of special events when the schooner arrives in AEFE countries.

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