Plastic in the Mediterranean: act with BeMed

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Plastic pollution in the ocean is today one of the biggest ecological threat for the ocean and it biodiversity. In the Mediterranean region, pollution levels are among the highest on the planet.

The Beyond Plastic Med initiative was launched during an international conference in Monaco in March 2015, and aims at addressing this issue. Its goal is to support innovative, civil society-based solutions for a cleaner Mediterranean Sea. This initiative becomes today the Task Force Beyond Plastic Med, coordinated by the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco, Tara Expeditions, Surfrider Foundation Europe, the Mava Foundation and the IUCN.


Raise public awareness


Ultimately, BeMed aims at creating an integrated network of local associations taking action in the field and tackling the plastic issue while adapting to local social conditions. By encouraging dialog with the private sector, BeMed hopes to involve the entire plastic chain of production, use and waste management in order to seize every opportunity to reduce plastic waste pollution in the sea.


Save the dates

• “ART-PLASTIC” CONTEST – From the 10th of March, BeMed and the “Plastic Vagabond” incite you to create and share artworks made from recycled plastic. More information: and Facebook page.

• PRIVATE SECTOR AND NGOs – On May 9th and 10th, a private sector workshop. Co-organized by the IUCN and Beyond Plastic Med, it represents an opportunity to look together for solution to reduce the upstream production of plastic and its use:

• FUNDERS AND CIVIL SOCIETY – July 2016: call to micro-initiatives. Open to all Mediterranean countries, it will support innovative initiatives linked to environmental protection or raising awareness for local populations on the issue of plastic pollution. See it on BeMed.

• SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY – On-going research. Following the results of the Tara Mediterranean research program, BeMed intends to fully integrate scientific research in its call for action.


Join the BEMED initiative

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