Heading into 2019

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The entire Tara Expeditions Foundation team wishes you a year rich in discovery, sharing and wonder. This year we will set our sights on Europe and its 4 maritime facades.

More than ever, we want 2019 to be a year for the Ocean, climate and biodiversity, and we’re counting on your support to help us advance knowledge about the Ocean & Climate.


Tara in 2019

This year will be marked by several high points and important meetings:

  • Tara in dry dock 

After sailing 100,000 km across the Pacific, the schooner is being overhauled at Lorient’s La Base shipyard before returning to sea in May. This work is being done by the sailors and coordinated by Captain Martin Hertau. End of work scheduled for late April.

  • Tara Blue Book for the Pacific

The first book about the Tara Pacific Expedition — the new Tara Blue Book — will give voice to people of the Pacific islands, to members of the Tara Pacific Expedition, and also to some major witnesses of adaptation to climate change in the coming decades. Publication expected in April 2019.

  • 2019 – Tour of Europe

After exploring Pacific coral reefs, it’s time for education, encounters and sharing. With many stops in France but also in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean, this tour of Europe will consist of meetings on the theme of ocean research and the preservation of the Ocean in the face of plastic pollution. Departure from Lorient in May.

  • World Ocean Day

Every year June 8th is a day dedicated to the Blue Planet. This year, we will be in Boulogne-sur-Mer alongside our partner Nausicaa.

  • IPCC Special Report “Ocean and Cryosphere”

Scheduled for publication in September 2019, this report — strategic for advancing the Ocean in climate negotiations — is one of the successes resulting from the mobilization of the Ocean community during the COP21 and notably a major project of Monaco’s Because the Ocean initiative. This special report will enable decision makers to understand and anticipate — thanks to the scientific expertise synthesized by the IPCC — likely scenarios for the future of marine ecosystems, coastlines, etc.

  • COP 25 in Chile

After the disappointing results of the COP24 and the refusal of Brazil to host COP25, Chile will take up the torch. This meeting is likely to be key for the Ocean community, which will present a special IPCC Special Report on the Ocean. Let’s bet this will be a major asset for 2019.

The entire Tara Foundation team

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