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As 2015 comes to an end, Tara invites you to discover 3 highly talented chefs, for whom gastronomy goes hand in hand with ecology.

While in Paris during the COP21, the Tara Pavilion hosted many friends and visitors, and also a group of fine gourmets who contributed financial support to Tara’s missions in exchange for a tasty evening.

The event was organized by photographer Mathieu Bourgois who has made portraits of more than 2,000 writers, as well as musicians, directors, actors and top chefs. We thank Mathieu warmly for coordinating this excellent demonstration of gourmet cuisine created with sustainable food.



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François Pasteau, chef at the Epi Dupin (6th arrondissement of Paris) strives to make healthy seafood choices and inspire his customers to discover less familiar and more sustainable species. “I was trained in classical French cuisine 30 years ago by Joel Robuchon, Henri Faugeron, Michel Kerever, François Clerc, etc. Then I opened the Epi Dupin in 1995.” François Pasteau collaborates with the NGO Seafood Choices Alliance to choose the highest quality products from the sea, paying attention to seasonality, working with small-scale fisheries and always adding a pinch of pedagogy for its customers.




Main course



Carlos Marsal is a highly original chef, mountain climber and world traveler. Examples of his adventures include the Arctic Circle Race; the ascent of Lenin Peak (Central Asia) and Kazbek Mount (Caucasus); wintering in Antarctica and polar expeditions in Greenland, in particular at the Concordia base.

In the past he has been Chef at the French Embassy in Algeria; he cooked for the Prime Minister of Qatar, and at the Residence of France in Tunisia. He is now Chef for the Prefect of Police in Paris.

The dish he concocted was entirely prepared in the back room of the Tara Pavilion. A true feat!





Hugues Pouget studied at Ladurée. He joined the Bristol in 1997 alongside the 3-star Chef, Eric Fréchon. In 2002, 26-year-old Hugues Pouget was appointed Pastry Chef at the Guy Savoy, where he became director of the group’s 5 restaurants in Paris and participated in the opening of the Guy Savoy in Las Vegas. The following year, he won the French national dessert-making championship. But Hugh had a thirst for travel and went to work as a consultant in sweets and chocolate gastronomy in Singapore, Shanghai, Japan and finally Brazil. Back in 2010, he created, (in collaboration with his childhood friend Sylvain Blanc) the luxury  pastry and chocolate shop Hugo & Victor, specializing in seasonal products. In 2014, their paths diverged and since then, Hugues Pouget has assumed the leadership alone.

At the Tara Pavilion during the COP21, 80 people savored the delights of a cuisine created by 3 chefs with sincere environmental concerns. Etienne Bourgois (President of Tara Expeditions), Romain Troublé (Secretary General) and the entire Tara team salute and warmly thank the Chefs for their activism and generosity, and for so graciously offering their talents to help Tara raise funds from faithful donors.

Many thanks to all!





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