European elections: a unique opportunity to protect the oceans!

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#VOTEFORTHEOCEAN : The future of oceans is decided everyday at the European Parliament

A campaign from Surfrider Foundation Europe

Did you know that 80% of the changes in our societies are decided within the European Union? This is the case for environmental policies and in particular the protection of oceans, the coast and its users: quality of waters and health, aquatic wastes, impact of climate change, etc., all stakes that will be addressed during the next term of office (2014-2019).

That is why on the occasion of the European elections, Surfrider Foundation Europe is launching the “Vote for the ocean” campaign. The objective? Hold candidates accountable. Surfers, divers, sailors, swimmers or simply lovers of oceans and beaches, this campaign is yours: seize it, get informed and above all mobilise your family and friends to vote.

Vote in the European elections from 22nd to 25th May: this is a unique occasion to place the stakes of protecting the oceans at the heart of discussions in the European Union.

6 key issues for the planet’s future

- Circular Economy : Take into account issues concerning extending products’ useful life plus waste prevention and management

- Water Quality and Health : Guarantee good ecological conditions of waters and prevent their impacts on watersports enthusiasts.

- Maritime Transport : Prevent risks and ensure environmental damages are compensated

- Climate Change : Anticipate the consequences of climate change on the coast and place the Ocean at the centre of negotiations Volunteer Work and Citizenship in Europe Create a European association status and facilitate access to sport and justice

- Education in Sustainable Development : Open all education plans to sustainable development, participative science and new technologies

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