Explore the Oceans with Google


At the end of September 2012  Google inaugurated Google Oceans, an interactive map that immerses the user in the seabed with just a few mouse clicks.  The application allows you to view countless places by scrolling over the map of our planet.

Coral reefs, species threatened with extinction, ship wrecks lying at the bottom of the sea, spots for diving and surfing – extensive information is available for everyone to explore the seabed and discover the ocean’s treasures. The effects of climate change on marine organisms can also be observed here.

Tara Expeditions partnered with Google Oceans, providing videos and photos from our expeditions which allowed Google to complete its database, and widely diffuse information about the oceans.

To see these pictures go Google Maps and place the yellow guy on the desired location !

To download the Google Earth application CLICK HERE

Already 12 places are visible in underwater street view : http://maps.google.com/help/maps/streetview/gallery/ocean/lady-elliot-island.html