Finding Dory: a new view of the ocean

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Since the global success in 2003 of Finding Nemo, Disney-Pixar’s view of the Ocean has changed. In the recent film Finding Dory, the amnesic surgeonfish discovers a different reality. On her journey to the west coast of the USA (Monterey Bay, California), Dory leaves the splendid Pacific coral reefs for southern California where tires, shipping containers and rubbish of all kinds constitute the underwater landscape. In Finding Dory, the challenges are everywhere!




Hank, the highly intelligent, color-changing octopus, becomes a companion and helps Dory find her parents, formerly residents of the Monterey Bay Aquarium-Hospital. At the Marine Life Institute, all endangered marine species are taken in and cared for – otters, whale sharks, beluga, sea horses. But maintaining species in captivity is not a good solution, as Nemo already learned in 2003.

Today the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute adopts the policy of returning captive animals to their natural environment, a clear principle endorsed by the Walt Disney Company France – Oceans by Disney – of which the Tara Expeditions Foundation has become a partner. The current educational outreach campaign will help the public better understand the Ocean and provide wise guidelines for its preservation.

In 2003, the same message did not prevent thousands of clownfish from being sold and shipped in batches to tropical aquariums in American and British homes (demand in England and the United States increased by 30-40%). When the new film Finding Dory was launched, alerts were relayed by the scientific press to prevent a possible explosion of sales (and capture using cyanide) of the blue surgeonfish that inspired “Dory“.




As you know from Finding Nemo, Dory is not good at remembering! So if we take her out of her natural habitat, she would really forget everything – everything essential to the oceans. People of all ages, go and see this beautiful film and listen to its message about the marine environment. And please don’t adopt a Dory for your aquarium! A fish will always be happier in the sea with her family and friends.

Now we have to convince the companies that import tropical fish!

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