make a donation : we need your help to continue

© C. Sardet / Fondation Tara

After sailing 100,000 km across the Pacific Ocean, the scientific odyssey is only just beginning. We need your help to continue! Making a donation to the Tara Ocean Foundation means committing to the ocean.

For two and a half years, we crisscrossed the Pacific Ocean studying coral reefs. Now, the 36,000 samples we collected will allow us to understand the future of this threatened but absolutely essential ecosystem.

Thanks to the Tara Pacific expedition, we’ll learn how to better preserve coral reefs – home to 30% of marine biodiversity and providing livelihood to 500 million people on Earth.


Today the Tara Ocean Foundation needs your support to explore this exceptional pool of data with a huge potential for discovery, essential for the future of humanity.

You can make a donation to the Tara Foundation through Transnational Giving Europe (TGE). Learn more about our TGE policies.

Jacques Gamblin supports the Tara Ocean Foundation


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