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Article from new Tara’s 10th journal

Initiatives, partnerships and celebrities: Tara Expeditions praises the many collaborative, inspirational and engaging projects put together in support of the oceans. Zoom on Algalita.

Algalita and Captain Moore: Plastic hunters in the Pacific Ocean


In 1997, when setting sail for California after a yachting race, oceanographer and yachtsman Charles J. Moore made a startling discovery along the subtropical gyre in the North Pacific: the infamous “Seventh Continent”, a trash vortex floating on the water’s surface. He was astonished to find himself surrounded by millions of tons of translucent flotsam—bottle fragments, bottle caps, cans, carrier bags—in a swirling plastic soup which was virtually invisible and therefore not detected in satellite photographs. Since then, he has devoted his energies to cleaning up the oceans. Founder and research director of the Algalita Marine Research and Education Foundation (California), Charles Moore works with many scientists and together they have carried out about fifteen expeditions at the heart of this swirl of plastic debris (at the surface or at depth) in the Pacific Ocean. Moore is very active and has written numerous articles and books, the best known being Plastic Ocean. He is spearheading the fight against plastic debris and their impact on marine life and in particular on whales, dolphins and turtles. In California, Algalita organizes a forum each year on Plastic Ocean Pollution Solutions (POPS) and raises awareness among youths about the devastating effects of their cans and bottled drinks.



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