Tara’s Journal – Voices for the Ocean : zoom on MR. GOODFISH.

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Article from new Tara’s 10th journal

Initiatives, partnerships and celebrities: Tara Expeditions praises the many collaborative, inspirational and engaging projects put together in support of the oceans. Zoom on Mr. GoodFish.

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Mr Goodfish: A positive and responsible approach to sea-related produce.

The Mr Goodfish programme was launched through the charity Réseau Océan Mondial. It encourages the general public, and the fishing industry as a whole, to adopt a positive and sustainable approach to the consumption of sea-related produce. At a time of increasing public awareness of the benefits eating responsibly can have on health, well-being and the environment, Mr Goodfish is encouraging consumers to buy fish direct in order to preserve our marine resources. The objective is clear: reduce the impact of fishing and overfishing and, therefore, human pressure on unsustainable fishing reserves.

Mr Goodfish’s network of hundreds of partners (distributors, fishmongers, restaurants…) translates into a long list of marine products that take into account seasonal availability, fish sizes and the health of fish stocks. For the more daring and creative mind, the organization also offers simple yet inventive recipes developed by famous chefs. This charity is truly aptly named.




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