We Stand Together for a Stand-alone Sustainable Development Goal on Oceans and Seas

© Aurore de la Morinerie

The civil society groups assembled at the 10th Session of the UN Open Working Group (OWG-10) on Sustainable Development Goals (31 March to 4 April 2014), coming together as the “Friends of the Sustainable Development Goal on Oceans and Seas,” unanimously declare that :

We Stand Together for a Stand-alone Sustainable Development Goal on Oceans and Seas. A Stand-alone Goal on Oceans and Seas is essential for achieving sustainable development in the post-2015 development agenda.  The oceans are the most prominent feature of the planet, covering nearly 3/4 of the Earth, and play a critical role in major global processes.  Regulating the water, nitrogen, and carbon cycles, as well as the climate, the oceans provide ecosystem services that support life on Earth.  Most of the global population depends on the oceans and seas as a means for food security, energy production, waste disposal, transportation, and recreation.  Oceans and seas are essential to all three pillars of sustainable development: environment, economy, and society—they are essential for planetary survival, for national and global economic well-being, and for social well-being.

All the groups noted below, present at the OWG-10:
- Express our deep appreciation to the many UN Member States supporting strong ocean targets and a Stand-alone Goal on Oceans and Seas
- Encourage all nations and peoples to support this universal agenda

Global Ocean Forum (ocean leaders and experts from over 110 countries)
World Ocean Network (network of over 400 museums and aquaria)
Tara Expeditions
The Pew Charitable Trusts
The High Seas Alliance (27 non-governmental organizations and IUCN)
The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (over 70 non-governmental organizations, fisher organizations, and law and policy institutes)
The Global Ocean Commission
World Society for the Protection of Animals
Commons Cluster for the United Nations
Center for Environmental Legal Studies, Pace Law School
The Coastal and Marine Union (EUCC) (association with 2700 members and member organizations in 40 countries)