Final stretch for UN negotiations on the management of the High Seas

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UN negotiations on the management of biodiversity in the High Seas will resume from January 20 to 23 — the final stretch towards developing a protocol for zones beyond national jurisdictions.

Following the decision taken at the Rio+20 Conference in 2012, the agreement to establish international rules for  sustainable management of marine resources in the High Seas must be endorsed by the UN Secretary General before the end of the 69th General Assembly which will take place in September 2015. This will probably be our last chance to finalize a compromise that everyone considers vital for the ocean.

Tara launched the “Paris Appeal for the High Seas” in 2013 alongside Catherine Chabaud of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, and several French NGOs. We are  continuing our commitment to this international protocol that we consider fundamental for assuring the good health of the Ocean. For this round of negociations, which we hope will be the last of an ad hoc work group that began in 2006, Tara will be present in New York as a member of the High Seas Alliance, alongside international NGOs. We will also be supporting the French and Monegasque delegations, strongly engaged on the subject, to demonstrate the urgency of this missing legal instrument, absolutely essential for the management of marine biodiversity.

In addition to negotiation on the High Seas, this week at the United Nations is also an occasion for Tara to discuss with international NGOs and official UN delegations how to mobilize for the 2015 Paris climate conference. With full support from Monaco’s delegation, Tara Expeditions is organizing a meeting with partners of the Ocean and Climate Platform *, in order to inform and invite international networks to join this Platform and mobilize for the Paris COP21 in December 2015.

André Abreu, responsible for environment and climate, Tara Expeditions

* The Ocean and Climate Platform, a “Paris Climat 2015″ approved event, by the Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development.

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