Mankind and Biodiversity Program

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The ocean covers 70 % of the planet and is the origin of life on Earth.

Ocean ecosystems produce half of the oxygen we breathe, and provide food for 60% of the world’s populations. Surprisingly, we have identified only 5% of the living organisms present in the oceans !

With the program “Ocean Planet,” Tara supports research and acquisition of basic knowledge about the ocean – essential for understanding the global changes occurring now, and for ensuring a model of sustainable development in the future. The basis of our program is  the Tara Oceans/Oceanomics scientific and educational project, devoted to the study of plankton and marine ecosystems. At the same time, Tara initiates and participates in alliances and networks of associations dedicated to the preservation & management of the world’s oceans. This includes our ongoing campaign and advocacy at the UN for protection of biodiversity in the high seas