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From South Africa to the UK, passing through France, nearly 150 cities participated in a ”March for the Climate” on Sunday, September 21. The goal: to appeal to leaders of all countries to engage in the fight against global warming, two days before the opening of a summit at the United Nations headquarters.

In New York, between 300,000 and 400,000 marched from Central Park to Times Square. Among them, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the UN, who told the press: ”Climate change is a defining issue of our time, there is no time to lose. If we do not act now, we will pay the price.”

In Paris, about 10,000 people marched from Place de la République to City Hall, with hundreds of NGOs, citizens, artists and politicians committed to the climate challenge. Members of the ”Ocean and Climate 2015″ platform in which Tara Expeditions participates, marched together under a big blue balloon brought by the Surfrider Foundation. Catherine Chabaud, spokeswoman of the platform, carried the following message: “A healthy ocean is essential for a balanced climate.” Her words were heard on the grandstand and taken up by media in France and abroad.


Gilles Boeuf, Nicolas Hulot, Catherine Chabaud,porte-parole de la plateforme "Océan et climat 2015", Nicolas Imbert et Valérie-Eve Moreau

Gilles Boeuf, Nicolas Hulot, Catherine Chabaud, spokesperson for the platform Océan et climat 2015, Nicolas Imbert and Valérie-Eve Moreau . ©Green Cross France et Territoires


In Marseille, where Tara stopped for 9 days, some demonstrators ended their march with a visit to Tara. Lola and Mathias, students at the Aix-Marseille University at Luminy, had programmed their day and when they arrived to queue up in front of Tara, they were still wearing stickers “Change the system not the climate”.

According to Lola, ”The demonstrators were not sufficiently mobilized.” As a student in oceanography, she wanted to demonstrate for a meaningful cause since she realizes the impact of mankind on the planet.

Mathias meanwhile explained that “the solution is not to adapt to climate changes, as many people think. This is not an irreversible phenomenon. We can still slow the trends. In the long term we can not continue living like this. Whenever the issue of climate is addressed, the economic argument is brought up. In fact, climate change also threatens our economy. France is lagging behind compared to countries such as Denmark, where more than 20% of the energy used comes from renewable sources. When I see for example all the sun we have in Provence, and so few solar panels, I think it’s a waste.”

The marchers who walked the streets this weekend still have a year to make their footsteps heard, since nothing will be officially enacted before the Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris in December 2015.


Noëlie Pansiot

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