Mankind and Climate Program

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Climate change is a major global phenomenon, now recognized by all experts as a reality of our time.

The ocean, principal ecosystem of our planet, plays a major role in climate regulation, functioning globally to sequester carbon and produce oxygen. The ocean is  impacted by climate change and the increasing absorption of CO², with effects on marine biodiversity that are virtually unknown.

The schooner Tara – formerly known as Antarctica – was designed for scientific research and particularly the study of polar regions. Research on the relationship between the Arctic and climate change was initiated during the Tara Arctic expedition (2006 to 2008). More recently, the Tara Oceans Polar Circle expedition circumnavigated the North Pole in summer in a new study of Arctic plankton.
Links between the polar regions and climate change are numerous: melting polar ice, rising sea levels, ocean acidification and warming waters. After 10 years of polar research, Tara Expeditions has strengthened its environmental commitment while anticipating the important Paris Climate Conference in 2015 that will decide the future of international climate policy.