Sylvia Earle is new ambassador of the Ocean’s Call for Climate

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On the occasion of “Our Ocean Conference” in Chile, renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle became the new Ambassador of the Ocean’s Call for Climate.

As the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) approaches, this is a very strong signal from a wellknown scientist who has devoted her life to oceanographic research for over 40 years. She succeeds Romain Troublé, Secretary General of Tara Expeditions, recently distinguished by the prestigious journal SCIENCE for his research on plankton:

“I used to be a professional sailor. I had incredible experiences at sea and fell in love with the huge spaces, for their beauty, their mystery, their incredible richness. For more than 10 years now I’ve been organizing environmental and scientific expeditions at sea. It’s because I do not understand how the Ocean can have been forgotten for so long that I wish to take action with you today – to give the Ocean a voice during the crucial COP 21 conference. After 3 months of campaigning and nearly 20,000 signatures, I passed the torch to Sylvia Earle because she is an inspiration for us, a highly-respected personality to carry the Ocean’s voice to an international level.”

Sylvia Earle’s commitment to representing the Ocean’s Call for Climate (initiated by the Ocean Climate Platform) reflects the strong mobilization of the international maritime community to push for recognition of the Ocean’s vital role in the fight against global warming:

“Disregard for the Ocean as the primary driver of climate and weather might be forgiven 50 years ago, but now we know: The living Ocean governs planetary chemistry; regulates temperature; generates most of the oxygen in the sea and atmosphere; powers the water, carbon, and nitrogen cycles; and holds 97% of Earth’s water and 97% of the biosphere. Quite simply, no Ocean, no life. No blue, no green. If not for the Ocean, there would be no climate to discuss, nor anyone around to debate the issues. We have to represent those who are not at the table. We must give the Ocean a voice!”

At the origin of this mobilisation, the Ocean & Climate Platform invites all those who wish to join the “Ocean” community to sign the Ocean’s Call for Climate

A healthy Ocean means a preserved environment! Together let’s make the Ocean’s voice be heard in the upcoming climate negotiations! #OceanforClimate

Romain Troublé et Sylvia Earle ©Charlotte Vick

Romain Troublé and Sylvia Earle ©Charlotte Vick

About Mission Blue

Mission Blue is a global initiative of the Sylvia Earle Alliance, a 501c3 organization, which was formed in response to Sylvia Earle’s 2009 TED Prize wish. Dr. Earle urged people “to use all means at your disposal — films, expeditions, the web, new submarines — to create a campaign to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas; Hope Spots large enough to save and restore the blue heart of the planet.” Currently, the Mission Blue community includes 100+ respected ocean conservation groups and like-minded organizations – from large multinational companies down to individual scientific teams doing important research. Website:

About Sylvia A. Earle

National Geographic Society Explorer in Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle, called a Living Legend by the Library of Congress, first Hero for the Planet by Time Magazine and 2014 Woman of the Year by Glamour, is an oceanographer, explorer, author and lecturer who has led over 100 expeditions and logged over 7,000 hours underwater. Dr. Earle is founder of the Sylvia Earle Alliance / Mission Blue, a TED Prize winner and the subject of the Netflix documentary Mission Blue.

About the Ocean & CLimate Platform

The Ocean and Climate Platform was established from an alliance of non-governmental organizations and research institutes, with support from the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission on June 10th 2014 during the World Ocean day.

Today the Platform includes scientific organizations, universities, research institutions, non-profit associations, foundations, science centers, public institutions and business organizations, all acting to bring the ocean to the forefront in climate discussions.

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