Bigelow Laboratory

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“Nothing in the sea falls haphazard; if we cannot predict, it is because we do not know the cause, or how the cause works…” Henry Bryant Bigelow, 1929.

Named for Henry Bryant Bigelow, a visionary scientist and pioneer of modern oceanography, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences was founded in 1974 as a private, non-profit research institution. Henry Bigelow’s approach to oceanography stressed the interdependence of the biological, chemical and physical sciences. This perspective has served as a cornerstone of our programs throughout our history.

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences’ mission is to undertake and sustain excellence in fundamental research into the ecosystems of the world’s ocean and thereby comprehend their relevance to a changing world; to promote the education and enlightenment of ocean science to society at all ages; and to directly contribute to the sustainability of research, enterprise, and knowledge exchange, both locally and nationally. Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences seeks to understand key processes driving ocean ecosystems, their evolution, and their fundamental relationship to life on Earth through interrelated programs in research, education, and technology transfer. Its focus ranges from microbial oceanography to the large-scale dynamics of the global ocean.