Jean-François Ghiglione

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Tara Pacific Coordinator (Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls/mer / Microbiome/Virome) – FR

Jean-François Ghiglione is deputy director of the Oceanological Observatory of Banyuls. He is director of research at the CNRS and the leader of the team “marine microbial ecotoxicology and metabolic engineering” at the Laboratory of Microbial Oceanography (LOMIC). His current research concerns the colonization and biodegradation of plastics at sea. He is co-director of two french national scientific networks “Polymers&Oceans” and “EcotoxicoMic”. He is co-founder of the society “Plastic@Sea” that offer services to evaluate the biodegradability and toxicity of plastic in marine ecosystems. He is author of 65 publications and he has coordinated 15 national and international projects in this field.

His role in the Tara Pacific expedition was to evaluate to what extent the microorganisms living inside/around the corals influence their good health. In particular, he is interested on the bacteria and archaea involved in the nitrogen cycle, which play a crucial role on the nutrient exchanges between the corals and their symbiotic photosynthetic algae (zooxanthellae).