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A vital challenge: studying and understanding to preserve the ocean

By donating to the Tara Expeditions Foundation, the first recognized public interest group dedicated to the ocean, you are supporting the development of leading-edge scientific research fundamental to our future.

Since 2003, the Tara Expeditions Foundation has added considerably to knowledge of the ocean. Together with international scientific institutions, our goal is to understand the impact of climate and ecological change on the oceans.

The Foundation is also committed to educating young people and challenging political and economic players on ecological issues to make preservation of the oceans a common responsibility.

Together, let’s act to better understand and protect the ocean.


Tara en route pour les Kiribati, 12 miles au large des côtes de l'île de Tauma
Tara towards Kiribati to study coral reefs, during the Tara Pacific expedition, January 2017 © Nicolas Delabrosse / Tara Expeditions Foundation


- Our actions -


Contribute to advanced scientific research

Since 2003, Tara has sailed all the oceans of the globe, doing research to understand the impacts of climate and ecological changes, and better anticipate future crises. In the course of 11 expeditions covering more than 375,000 km, Tara scientists discovered nearly 100,000 microscopic marine species and millions of new genes.  Research carried out by 117 international laboratories, including the CNRS, CEA, EMBL, MIT and PSL, has resulted in more than 70 scientific publications, 7 of them in the most prestigious journals. A multitude of marine species still remain to be discovered.

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Raise awareness among younger generations

Over 45,000 children from all over the world have visited Tara since 2003. They have benefited from the Foundation’s educational outreach programs to better understand the ocean, become aware of its richness and fragility, and learn about the scientific research done aboard Tara.

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Improving governance for the ocean

In 2015, the Tara Expeditions Foundation attained Special Observer status at the United Nations and actively participates in various UN commissions and conferences. The Foundation brings high-level scientific expertise to elucidate issues concerning our Blue Planet (covered with 71% water), in particular the governance of the High Seas, climate discussions and the recent Sustainable Development Goals.

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Strengthening international scientific cooperation

At the Foundation, we consider it essential to share as widely as possible the newly available knowledge about the Ocean. Strengthening the skills of researchers in developing countries by enabling them to study molecular biology, bioinformatics and genomics in partner laboratories is an important Tara program since 2015 — indispensable for a shared global  governance of the ocean.


Science aboard Tara during the station off Cyprus – Tara Oceans Expedition – December 2009. Photo © David Sauveur / Tara Expeditions Foundation


The Tara Expeditions Foundation in a few numbers:

• 11 expeditions
• 100,000 microscopic marine species discovered
• 375,000 km traveled across the world’s oceans
• 7 scientists, 6 sailors, an artist and a journalist on board during each leg
• More than 60,000 collected samples
• More than 70 scientific publications, including 7 in the journals Nature and Science
• 45,000 school children visited the schooner in France and around the world
• 2 million visitors came to Tara exhibitions



Tara Pacific 2016-2018

The schooner is currently on an expedition in the Pacific Ocean to study coral biodiversity in the face of climate change.

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