Visiting the studio of Christian Revest – Tara Méditerranée 2014

© N.Pansiot/Tara Expéditions

Usually, the artist remains on the docks. Whatever the country, there only has to be a port, a shipyard or some boats for Christian Revest to paint. When he does not sketch freighters on the spot, he photographs ships so as to paint huge canvas in his studio in the Vieux Port of Marseille. His experience as a decorator and painter in theaters may have given him a liking for largeness. Or is it to pay a tribute to the freighters and gigantic ships he remembers from his childhood years in La Ciotat ? When onboard Tara, Christian discovered the schooner in its natural element, between Cyprus and Bizerta. Here is the portrait of a painter who faces the sea.

© Noëlie Pansiot/Tara Expéditions