Reaching the Vesuvius 1- Tara Méditerranée 2014

© N.Pansiot/Tara Expéditions

Last Sunday, Stéphanie Petit, Mathieu Oriot and Noëlie Pansiot left the schooner for a few hours, just for a little while. Without any guide book, they went to climb Vesuvius by the unknown paths. They did not went on the « Vesuvio Express », a touristic bus that leads to the bottom of the volcano from the city of Ercolano. The three of them travelled by chance, and improvised when meeting people and choosing their means of transport. This photomontage with sounds follows those three adventurous sailors in their « disorganized » trip towards the gigantic and asleep volcano.


©N.Pansiot/Tara Expéditions