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Allianz Global Investors support the Tara Expeditions Foundation.

A major player in financial asset management, Allianz Global Investors has placed social responsibility at the heart of its business.

Integrating social and environmental criteria into all its investment choices is central to our company’s management strategy. By investing in companies engaged in projects aiming to reduce the environmental impact of their activities, and also by interacting with them, Allianz Global Investors is mobilized to fight against climate change. To achieve an even greater impact, we are also committed to supporting associations dedicated to the protection of the environment.

For these reasons Allianz Global Investors in France has chosen to be a partner of the Tara Expeditions Foundation — one of the leaders in scientific knowledge of the ocean, working to better understand the impact of global warming on ecosystems.

Allianz Global Investors is thus committed to supporting the Tara Expeditions Foundation in its work to develop high-level science, disseminate new information to all, and raise the awareness of young people about the importance of protecting the Ocean.

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