BIC, partner of the TARA Ocean Foundation from 2019 to 2022

For more than 60 years, BIC has been offering high quality, simple, inventive and reliable products for everyone, everywhere in the world. These products consume as little material as possible for the best service to users, making the “just what’s necessary” mindset a central business concern.

In 2018, the BIC Group strengthened its commitment to sustainable development through the “Writing the Future, Together” program, which aims, among other things at fostering sustainable innovation in BIC products, acting against climate change, and improving life through education.

Aware of the urgent situation of plastic polluting the ocean, BIC now wants to get more involved to help better understand and avoid this type of pollution. The BIC Lighter Division has chosen to support the Tara Ocean Foundation, whose oceanographic research vessel travels the ocean, bringing together actors from the scientific community in order to better understand the degradation dynamics of plastic objects at sea. This research program aims to document the impact of plastic waste on the ocean and to identify less dangerous substitute materials.

This partnership is part of BIC’s intention to promote a light and circular economy, following the example of its Ubicuity™ program, which collects pens to recycle them into street furniture (in partnership with Plas Eco).
The BIC group and sustainable development

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BIC is part of the following Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) indexes:
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- Euronext Vigeo – Eurozone 120
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