Compagnie Nationale du Rhône


CNR is France’s leading producer of 100% renewable electricity (water, wind, sun) and the multipurpose concessionary of the Rhone River from the Swiss border to the Mediterranean Sea: its missions are to produce hydroelectricity, deploy navigation and port sites, and supply water for irrigation and other agricultural uses. CNR is a mostly public owned joint stock company in the general interest. With its missions in the general interest in particular, it is engaged in a CSR approach set out in corporate values that guide its mode of development and its daily actions.

What reasons underlie the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône’s wish to associate itself with the Tara Ocean Foundation through this three-year partnership?

We develop a river, the Rhone, and we are responsible for managing all the uses made of it. Although river pollution does enter within the framework of our missions, we cannot ignore the waste that flows into the Mediterranean Sea and which comes from this river, waste generated by the surrounding population, industrial companies, etc. We have therefore decided to assist the Tara Ocean Foundation because the subject of microplastic pollution has now become a global issue of great importance.

The scientists engaged on behalf of Tara can also use the data already in our possession. The aim is to share them for the general interest.

However, our partnership also comprises a section on learning and awareness, both at the heart of the missions of TARA Océan: informing the general public, as well as municipalities and enterprises, is essential in order to make fast and fundamental changes in everyone’s behaviour.