The Tara Ocean Foundation has been committed since 2003 to research and the collection of scientific data needed to better understand the impact of global warming on marine ecosystems. Meanwhile, the FFEM has been supporting projects for 20 years that reconcile preservation of the world’s environment with territorial development.

In a logic of cooperation, the Tara Ocean Foundation and the FFEM have decided to work together to boost the dynamics of research and development in developing countries.
Building on the results of the Tara Oceans expedition (2009-2013), the two organizations  will promote an international cooperative approach through a scientific research project on plankton.

This collaboration (2016-2020) will focus on the exchange of expertise between post doctorates from the northern and southern hemispheres. The program will be set up thanks to the participation of researchers from countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Senegal, Madagascar and Fiji. Our goal is to develop international cooperation in sciences related to ocean ecosystems, and to support greater consideration of these marine ecosystems in the  existing governing procedures of the high-seas.