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The Laboratory Environmental & Resources from IFREMER based in Toulon and Bastia (IFREMER LER PAC) carries out research and supports public policies in the field of environment. It monitors water quality within the European WFD and MSFD directives as well as research on contamination, biodiversity and modeling. In the field of plastics at sea, the laboratory coordinates the European technical group (more than 100 international experts) in support of the implementation of monitoring marine litter along the European coasts (beaches, Sea floor, floating, microplastics and impacts ), and conducts research on the development of semi-automated measurement methods for both floating litter and microplastics (Wavegliders, use of fluorochromes). The laboratory is also associated with the work of the expert group on plastics at sea (co-coordination of the GESAMP expert group on plastics at sea) of the International Oceanographic Commission. He is also involved in many international groups working on marine litter (SDG14.1.1, UNEA, Regional Seas Conventions, Word Ocean Assessment, CIESM, ICES).