© Komori-Chambon

Komori-Chambon was born in 1989 when the company Machines Chambon joined the Komori group.

Komori, created in 1923, was then a leading actor in the commercial and security printing. Machines Chambon had held a complementary know-how in the packaging industry since 1887.

At Komori-Chambon, we rely on over 130 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of machines dedicated to the production of milk or juices bricks, cereal boxes or ice cream buckets.    This implies machines up to 70 meters long, which convert a carton roll into printed, creased and cut blanks, ready to ship.

Komori-Chambon made the exclusive choice of cardboard for the protection abilities of this material, but also for its eco-friendly characteristics. We help our customers produce packaging using less cardboard, recycled board and inks respecting the environment.

In late 2018, the Komori-Chambon management decided to go further, through a corporate social responsibility program, and asked all the employees to put forward associations acting for the preservation of the environment.

This is how The Tara Expeditions foundation was brought to light. We have been seduced by its essential role on both science and education aspects, in a constructive and open mind and we are proud to be part of this adventure. We are eager to learn with Tara’s team and we shall spread our enthusiasm broadly.