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The Water, Environment and Urban Systems Laboratory (LEESU) is a joint lab of École des Ponts ParisTech and Université Paris-Est Créteil. The Leesu develops a multi- and interdisciplinary research to study urban water and its impacts on the receiving water through various approaches:


Since 2014, LEESU started new researches on the plastic debris in aquatic environnement, from macroplastic (> 5 mm) to microplastics (< 5 mm). The specific aims of these projects are the study of the sources, the fluxes, and the fate of plastic debris in urban area and in freshwater continuum, from river to estuary. LEESU’s research was the first to demonstrate the presence of microplastics in atmospheric fallout and the contamination of all type of urban water. LEESU is supervising different research projects on this issue (Plastic-Seine, Micro-Plast, Macro-Plast, etc.) from Paris megacity to Seine estuary.

Plastic studies : https://www.leesu.fr/debris-plastiques-du-macro-au-micro-plastique-presentation