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L’Oréal is a partner of the Tara Pacific expedition (2016-2018)

The history of L’Oréal is marked by major discoveries that have advanced the science of cosmetics, with innovations in protection and care of hair and skin.
The Tara Expeditions Foundation encourages the transition of our society to sustainable modes of action, consumption, production and behavior, by supporting good practices.
In this dynamic, the L’Oréal Group has launched in 2013 a program of fundamental transformation of its sourcing, formulation and production methods called “Sharing Beauty With All”, an approach that encourages sustainable transition in the cosmetics sector. Anxious to address consumers’ concerns, L’Oréal has taken the responsibility of focusing on the potential impact of its solar products on the marine environment and particularly on corals by conducting serious scientific studies. L’Oréal formulates products which are increasingly respectful of marine ecosystems and participates in informing the general public on these subjects.

As part of their environmental research, L’Oréal researchers have initiated studies to first measure in the laboratory the potential impact of solar products on cultured corals. These studies are carried out in partnership with the Scientific Center of Monaco whose scientific director Denis Allemand is also co-scientific director of the Tara Pacific expedition.
Research was then carried out in situ around the island of Moorea in French Polynesia on the concentrations of solar filters near coral reefs in tourist and non-tourist areas. Measurements were made using advanced samplers developed with IFREMER. This study was set up in partnership with CRIOBE, whose director, Serge Planes, is the other scientific co-director of the Tara Pacific expedition.

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